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If you are looking for reviews of Tresemme dry shampoo, you’ve come to the right place.

Nowadays more and more people get interested in dry shampoo as a waterless alternative to clean their hair. It’s easy to understand, as it is safe and easy to apply, it offers more mobility and, what’s most important, it brings quite good results. What else do we need in our busy lives? Did I mention that it’s also rather cheap?

One of the best selling dry shampoo brands is, no doubt, Tresemme. You have probably seen their products in hair salons. They are also often used at home and as traveling accessories. Tresemme’s Fresh Start line is a good option to clean hair without water. These products are professional and affordable at the same time. Below you will find several Tresemme dry shampoo reviews.

Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

TRESemme Fresh Start Shampoo, Dry

User Rating:

List Price: $5.99

Sale Price: $4.20

Though it is not a “real” shampoo, the majority of reviewers agree that Tresemme dry shampoo is one of the best options to clean hair without water. Its unique formula contains mineral clay, which absorbs grease as well as adds immediate volume to your hair. Another ingredient is citrus extract, which effectively removes smell and gives your hair a pleasant scent. Many users have also noted that this product helps them to preserve color of their hair.

Tresemmes philosophy is to help every woman look stunning without emptying the bank account. Therefore, Fresh Start line is all about haircare and hairstyling products that have salon quality at affordable prices. You can buy Tresemme dry shampoo for less than $5, but if you use a Tresemme dry shampoo coupon, you can get it even cheaper. Try searching for one in the Internet – simply type in “Tresemme dry shampoo coupon 2011” – and you will surely find something to print to get a couple of bucks off. Also I would recommend to sign up on Tresemme website to get their news as well as coupons from time to time.

Before actually applying this shampoo you should shake it intensely. Lift strands of hair and spray carefully at hair roots with short bursts (for best results shake the bottle also between bursts). Thoroughly massage your scalp and hair with your fingertips to spread the product evenly. That’st it! What’s really good about this shampoo is that you can use it safely throughout the day to refresh your look when you want.


Tresemme Moisturizing Waterless Foam

TRESemme Fresh Start Shampoo, Waterless Foam, 6 oz.

User Rating:

List Price: $5.99

Sale Price: $3.99

Moisturizing waterless foam is another popular product in the Fresh Start dry shampoo line. Being suitable for all hair types, it brings awesome results to all straighties and curlies, blondes and brunettes without a drop of water. According to the reviews, more than 80 percent of customers simply love this foam and would (and probably do) recommend to their friends.

The original formula of Tresemme waterless foam consists of witch hazel, an effective natural acerb, which instantly absorbs excessive grease and dirt, aloe vera which keeps the scalp and hair moisturized and maintains its gloss, and citrus extract that is perfect for eliminating smell, as well as adding a naturally fresh scent.

You can use this moisturizing waterless foam anytime and anywhere (just like any other Tresemme dry shampoo in the Fresh Start Line). Simply pump the foam two or three times into your hand and distribute it equally throughout your hair. To eliminate any excess dirt and grease softly rub your hair with a towel.


Fresh Start Refreshing Mist

Tresemme Refreshing Mist Fresh Start 4 oz.

User Rating:

List Price: $4.79

Sale Price: $4.20

With Tresemme refreshing mist you will manage to turn lifeless hair into glossy and soft locks. This is an original quick spray which neutralizes smell and gives freshness and strength to your hair (due to citrus extracts). It is suitable for all types of hair and can be paired with Tresemme dry shampoo and waterless foam. Perfect for hair styling.

Most people who reviewed this spray liked it for its smell and feeling of freshness it gives. One lady who smoked used it as an excellent solution to remove the smell from her hair just before some important event. It’s also good for removing odors from garments, as well as cleaning up small dirty spots. Not bad for a refreshing mist!

Before applying the spray, it’s recommended to reduce excess oil from the scalp and hair with Fresh Start dry shampoo or moisturizing waterless foam. While holding the bottle about 10 inches from head spray it on dry hair. Style your hair as you usually do and enjoy yourself throughout the whole day!


You are welcome to share your experience and post your own Tresemme dry shampoo reviews here.

12 Responses to Tresemme Dry Shampoo Reviews

  1. Sarah says:

    My mother and I both have trouble with oily hair if we don’t wash it every day. Now we have both reached amazing results with Tresemme dry shampoo. We have read many problem reports concerning dry shampoo odors, but I can assure you Tresemme’s smell is fairly delicate and pleasant. It requires a bit of time and experience to find out what amount of the shampoo your hair really needs, however, I’d personally recommend this nice product!

  2. Conny says:

    I’m just curious if anyone’s used it for colored hair… I don’t wish to lose my bucks if it does not do the job.

  3. Cecilia says:

    It does for my hair. Though I avoid using it very much, but I never actually had a lot of problems with it.

  4. Jennifer O'Sullivan says:

    This shampoo is ideal for dry/curly hair type. In case you have greasy hair, pick up another thing and don’t grumble if the product turns up useless for you.

  5. Jenaveve says:

    I have had only great results with Tresemme dry shampoo. I personally apply it on my hair roots, and I never had any problem.

  6. Kacey K says:

    Finally I bought this dry shampoo:) It’s surprising how affordable it is! It’s certainly worth testing out. You can surely apply it on straightened locks, it’s not going to make them curly in any way!

  7. Delaney says:

    I received this shampoo in just a few days of buying. I was really satisfied of how soon it had been sent and delivered! However the bad news is that it failed to work nicely in my frizzy hair by any means. I have rather long thick tresses, they are dark brown, and they get very greasy by the second day of being washed. That’s why why i decided to give Tresemme dry shampoo a try. I followed the instructions but it made my locks very greasy as though i’ve never cleaned them in my entire life(( I would not recommend this shampoo to people I know and like.

  8. Mary-Ann says:

    Just interested who is the gorgeous brunette in the Tresemme Dry Shampoo commercial?

  9. Nataly says:

    Her name is Deb D’Agostino. She is a model from NYC. By the way, you can also see this beauty magazine ads as well as advertisements online.

  10. Jana Jansson says:

    I really like this dry shampoo! i can have an extra day without washing my curly hair and it looks and smells terrific.

  11. Angie Heart says:

    I’m just pleased with this Fresh Start line. At first I was a little cynical because of the other reviews, but Tresemme dry shampoo has not make my locks oily in any way. I must say it does what it’s designed to do. Prior to this shampoo, I simply couldn’t live a day without washing my hair, but now I can do without it for 2 or three days easily and my locks look pretty good. I would surely recommend it to others!

  12. Vale says:

    Did not work for me at all, my hair looks/feels same before and after applying product; the smell is a little bit too much for me!!! WILL NOT BUY AGAIN..
    Dove’s invigorating dry shampoo works wonders!! I loved it BUT the bottles are faulty!! product evaporates within two days of usage 🙁

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