Shampoo Harm to RatsThe recent study has shown that common shampoos can be harmful to the fetus. Precisely, aminoethylethanolamine (AEEA), a substance used in production of shampoo, can be toxic to reproduction and, therefore, cause birth defects.

The German scientists carried out their experiment on rats to find out how the animals reacted to AEEA. The dose of the given substance was large. The results showed that the risk of birth defects in rats doubled in just two weeks after the experiment started.

A common question arises whether human beings are affected the same way as rats. As a matter of fact, rats are rather close to humans in medical terms, so the harmful effect of AEEA contained in shampoos can be true about humans as well.

Still it is not known how large the dose of the substance is to cause damage to the human fetus.

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