Vettel Promotes ShampooSebastian Vettel is a talented German driver who came to Formula 1 in 2006. It took him only 4 years to win the World Championship in the highest class of racing and become the youngest champion in the history of F1.

It also didn’t take Vettel too long to start getting financial benefits from his current title. Just in several days after he won the championship he signed his first many-million sponsorship contract in his auspicious career. He became partners with the American company Procter and Gamble.

Vettel will promote the company’s Head and Shoulders shampoo. He will appear in TV commercials and participate in poster campaigns. Procter and Gamble could hardly find a better promoter for their shampoos than young Seb, who is known for his splendid curly hair.

This is just the first step. Though Vettel doesn’t have a personal manager, he successfully manages his deals and contracts himself and he is currently in negotiation with other large sponsors.

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